Photoshop Tutorial How to Use a Larger Toolbox from External Tool

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In this Photoshop Tutorial you can see a Cool External Tool that is able to Build and Use a Larger Toolbox and it works in Photoshop or any sort of Windows Applications. These Buttons on the Toolbox can execute any Keyboard Shortcuts Combinations. If you want to Speedup your Photoshop Painting Movements than this is a handy way to do it.

The Reason is you have All your Button Tools in One Central Place. You do not need to do Searching into all the Photoshop menus, and you do not need to remember all these Keystroke Combination, the Picture Tools Will Self Explain What function it can do, you can simple Click the Buttons with your mouse or touch device and it is done.

Together with Buttoncommander Automation Software you can efficient reduce or terminate the Stylus pen movements and Mouse movements, so that you have time to do more.

for more info you can Check to landing Page:

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